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If you would like to support the North Canton Hoover Sideliners and our efforts in supporting the kids in Academics, Arts, and Athletics, please consider donating below.


Who are the Sideliners


The goal of the Sideliners is to support the academic, arts and athletic programs at North Canton Hoover High School. 
The Sideliners welcome anyone interested in supporting the students of Hoover High School to attend our regular meetings which are the first Monday of every month at the Greentown Athletic Club at 8:00 p.m.  
We thank you for your continued support and ask that you become an active member of the Sideliners by participating in our meetings. Your help is greatly needed if Hoover High School is to continue to provide the opportunities for students to excel in a variety of academic, arts and athletic activities.


Are you a civic-minded, enthusiastic supporter of our community and schools?  If so, click here to become a Sideliner!

Current Officers:


John Orr

Vice President


Charlie Grandjean



Bryan Warstler



Tom Krucek

Current Board Members:
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Section 1

This organization, the working body of the booster club, shall be known as “The Hoover Sideliners Club”, hereinafter referred to as “The Sideliners”.

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Our History

The Hoover Sideliners were formed in 1958 as a booster club for the Hoover High School athletic teams. The early meetings were held at Jack Geib's Viking Barber Shop. The organizers and early leaders were pillars of the community; men like Dr. T. K. Harris, Jim Hartong, Germaine Swanson, Ralph Freday and Jack Geib.  

Our organization has steadily progressed from that humble beginning. Today, we offer support to all Hoover High School student organizations – covering academics, arts and athletic programs. The primary source of funding for the Sideliners is donations from North Canton area residents and businesses that are recognized in the varsity football game program.  Individuals making donations are recognized as patrons of the Hoover Sideliners in the program, while businesses purchase ads that are featured in the program. 

The wonderful people of our community have faithfully supported us - even during the most difficult economic conditions. The Sideliners have acted as good stewards for these contributions and have tried to make sure every student at Hoover High School has the opportunity to have the best possible educational experience.  We look forward to continuing to provide this support to the students for many years to come.

Dr T.K. Harris - 1958/59              

John Baxter - 1960/61                 

Jim Hartong - 1962/63                  

Bill Sanford - 1964/65                   

Germane Swanson - 1966/67      

Ken Phillipson - 1968/69              

Ralph Freday - 1970                   

Cy Hefke - 1971                          

Jack Geib - 1972/73                                


Jack Berrey - 1974/75    

Dick Spall - 1976/77                     

Larry Bishop - 1978                     

Ron Fulton - 1979                       

Ernie Fry - 1980/81

Chuck Perry - 1982/83    

Don Masucci  - 1984/85

J.J. Smith - 1986

Dick Sutton - 1987/88/89

Ron Feltz - 1990/91

Bruce Cain - 1992/93/94

Scott Warburton - 1995/96

Pee Wee Mutersbaugh - 7/98/99/2000

Charlie Little - 2001/02/03/04

Bob Berrodin - 2005/06

Kent Weida - 2007/08

Dave Greek - 2009/10/11

George Housos - 2012

John Orr - 2015/16


Sideliner Projects


Check out some of the projects the Sideliners are involved in all over town:

Don Hertler Sr. Field at Memorial Stadium FieldTurf

The Sideliners and several other organizations are instrumental in obtaining and maintaining the FieldTurf playing surface at Memorial Stadium.  Used for more than just football, several other sports and community activities benefit from the durable playing surface.




LED Board at Memorial Stadium

Boasting the largest, brightest view-able screen in North Canton, the LED board at Memorial Stadium provides full-color interaction of on-field events and a great place to advertise.

Locker Room at Memorial Stadium

The Sideliners have helped maintain and advance the locker room and training facilities at Memorial Stadium.  Providing safe, effective, and modern facilities to coaches, trainers, and players helps ensure success.



Please support these fine sponsors who support North Canton Hoover academics, arts, and athletics. Their kindness and generosity to the community helps fund numerous Sideliner projects.

Athletic HOF

Hoover Athletic Hall of Fame

The Hoover High School Athletic Council has established the North Canton Hoover Athletic Hall of Fame to recognize outstanding athletes, coaches, teams and individuals who have contributed significantly to the various athletic programs throughout the years. Through this recognition, it is hoped that our tradition will be enhanced and others will be motivated to excellence.

Click on any of the years listed below to view the recipients and/or original event program.  (Photos and videos of Hall of Fame events are subject to availability.)

CLICK HERE to nominate a former athlete to the Hoover High School Athletic Hall of Fame.


Class of 2016 Members


Dave Clegg 
Charles Cropley
Holly Goodpasture Collins
Sharon Goodpasture O’Donnell
Charlie Grandjean 
Dick Gross
George Hamilton
CJ Mears
Bill Ridge
Karen Theis


Class of 2015 Members


Heidi Albrecht
Bob Berrodin
Byron & Myron Draper
 Jerry Goodpasture
John Grasinger
Gordon Knisely
Rick Morrison
Bill Owens
Nancy Shafer Boudreau
 Gordy Woolbert


Class of 2014 Members


Janet (Baughman) Peare
Don Hertler, Sr.
Jeff Logan
Dick Miller
Francis Butch Paquin
Tim Powell
Jamie Rubis
Dick Snyder
Ray Swope
Walt Tolarchyk 


The Vault

The Vault contains miscellaneous items pertinent to the Hoover Sideliners. Here you'll find everything from meeting minutes to virtual tours and more.
Advertise with us!


The Hoover Sideliners offer one of the best high-visibility advertising venues in the city of North Canton.  Business, personal, and political advertisements can be viewed on the largest full-color LED board in town not only on game nights, but throughout almost all sporting events held at memorial stadium.  In addition to electronic advertising, we also offer our traditional program-based options.

2015 Business Advertising

Grab a Piece of History

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The Hoover Sideliners are selling Bricks and Slate from the former NoCaHi building.  A brochure including order form is attached below.  You can order by mailing in the form with your check to the address within the form.

Own a piece of North Canton history.


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Meeting Minutes


Below you'll find an archive of the Sideliners' monthly meeting minutes dating back to 2012.  Information is updated within 30 days following the monthly meeting at the Greentown Athletic Club.

Treasurer's Reports


Below you'll find an archive of the Sideliners' monthly meeting minutes dating back to 2012.  Information is updated within 30 days following the monthly meeting at the Greentown Athletic Club.



















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